Boots on the Ground – Dramatic Digital

May 21, 2014

Boots on the Ground – Dramatic Digital

Most employees have hobbies that are separate from their chosen careers. Sometimes these hobbies reveal great talents.

Ryan Gilbert, a project engineer from AMT’s Richmond office, started taking photographs in his childhood using 110 film cartridges. While he started taking photography more seriously in college, he never lost his affinity for film and older cameras. He prefers shooting with film cameras from the 1950s or earlier rather than using the latest or most expensive equipment, though much of what he publishes is digital.

When you look at Ryan’s website, you notice that many of the shots have a somber or moody feel. He likes shooting in conditions that other photographers would consider less favorable, such as storms, fog and sunsets and prefers his images darker and more cinematic. He then carefully develops the film so as not to make the already deeper-toned images too dark, particularly when working in black and white.

You may think that Ryan went through photography school, but he is self taught, having learned from books, listening to other photographers’ presentations and interviews, and reading their writing. He believes that when taking landscape and cityscape photos, once you find the right location and time of day, all of the work is done. He also wishes people would stop taking photos of their food.

Ryan’s work recently was shown at Arts in the Park in Richmond. He appreciated visits at the show from his Richmond colleagues. He would like to do one or two shows a year to pay for his hobby. You can visit Ryan’s website at and contact him for more information about buying prints or attending shows in your area. He has traveled to take images—he’s stayed in Hawaii and will soon travel to Majorca, Spain. We need pictures when you get back, Ryan!

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  1. Carlos Ostria says:

    Very talented

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