Repairs to Barracks 247

AMT provided civil engineering and surveying services for the $23.6M design/build project to repair Barracks 247 located on Fort Myer in Virginia.

Project Details:

The project involved upgrading and maximizing the residential occupancy of the barracks structure, while providing the minimal required company command and control, supply, and administrative functions necessary to sustain the population and operate the barracks facility, which will house 56 personnel during normal occupancy. Improvements include architectural and general repairs, wall modifications, and various renovations to meet the established space program. Upgrades were required to meet current AT/FP hardening requirements. Some areas of the facility are historically protected, dating to the facility’s original construction in 1890.

While the majority of the project improvements were on the interior of the building, some site work was required to meet AT/FP and ADA accessibility requirements. These elements included ADA access from the adjacent courtyard area to the porch elevation, removing or restricting parking along Kendall Place, removal of non-compliant vegetation, and regrading the areas adjacent to the building to ensure positive flow away from the building.

AMT’s civil engineering services included development of construction documents: site clearing/demolition plans; erosion control, layout and grading plans; drainage plans; AT/FP measures; utility plans and profiles; paving plans; and layout plans. AMT provided related civil/site specifications and calculations, prepared a basic temporary maintenance of traffic plan for construction activities, and prepared permit submittals and related comment coordination. Additional civil services included participation in site visits and meetings, preparing related LEED checklists and documentation, and construction phase services that include shop drawing and submittal reviews, RFI responses, site construction observation reports, punch list, and as-built record documentation.

Surveying services provided by AMT include conducting a topographic survey of the 1.25-acre project site, and Quality Level B utility designation. The topographic survey depicts buildings, walks, pavement, fences, trees, spot elevations, first floor elevations, 1-foot contours, two benchmarks, and other major visible site improvements. Storm drain and sewer inverts were obtained and depicted. Utility Designation services employed geophysical prospecting techniques in conjunction with radio, audio, and EM equipment, as well as notation of non-conductive utilities. Utilities were marked according to APWA standards.