U. S. Naval Academy Columbarium

In 1987, The United States Naval Academy built the current columbarium near the College Creek Cemetery in Annapolis, Maryland. The United States Naval Academy Cemetery and Columbarium is the final resting place for hundreds of our nation’s veterans, representing many men and women who gave their lives serving their country.

Project Details:

The project involves the expansion of the existing columbarium site on the US Naval Academy Campus. The project expanded the columbarium to its current 160 feet, built a decorative dome, shelter, and expanded parking. It also added new electrical service to the columbarium area. Minor grading of the hillside and the addition of a retaining wall was required. AMT provided surveying engineering and landscape architectural services. We also prepared full specifications using SPECSINTACT and SUCCESS cost estimates. Plans were processed through NCPC and CFA. Construction on the project was completed in 2010.

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