Mixed-Use / Transit Oriented Development


As the population continues to climb and residents of urban areas search for more sustainable ways of living and moving around, transit oriented development takes on increased importance.

Transit oriented development can refer to any improvements that offer people easier ways to move around, be it bike facilities at a metro station, sidewalks, ADA improvements, or housing and mixed use. If it connects people with movement, that is what we focus on as far as transit oriented development. Along with the focus on proximity to transit is an emphasis on mixed use development that meets the needs of people who live and work in the area.

Mixed use marries dense residential living with the products and services that meet those needs, just steps from their building entrances. Some of these developments offer temporary lodging, restaurants and offices as well. They also offer facilities to ease transportation such as bicycle facilities, bus stops, park and ride lots and access to Metro.

We take your plans and bring them to life. We consider all of the necessities that a project like this demands. We plan for the utility demands, the restraints of working in the public right-of-way, sidewalks bike racks, landscaping and streetscaping–all the nuances that go into an urban project. We offer an incredible level of detail down to the grading and access to buildings right down to the loading docks.