Pangborn Blvd./Westfield Elementary School

Pangborn Boulevard Elementary School was constructed in 1955 Hagerstown, Maryland. It was expanded in 1964 to increase its capacity to 481 students, but by the time a full modernization was deemed necessary, students were using 11 portable classrooms. AMT performed tasks on both the feasibility study and in the construction phase of this Washington County modernization.

Project Details:

AMT contributed to the feasibility study which investigated whether the existing facilities would be expanded and renovated or demolished and replaced. The latter option was chosen.

Our site design and construction phasing was challenging although the 20-acre site is relatively large for an elementary school.  The existing school building and access needed to remain functional throughout the construction of the new building. Sediment control and storm water management controls needed to be in place and accommodate not only the new construction, but the existing site until the new building with full access and parking was ready for occupancy.

Demolition and construction of the facilities occurred on the site without disruption to classes or the need to temporarily transfer students. The new building holds 735 students and opened for classes in the fall of 2008. It features an outdoor environmental learning center in the form of a butterfly garden which is also visited by the community.

AMT performed tasks on both the feasibility study and in the construction phase:

Feasibility Study

  • Access and parking for buses, teacher parking and parent drop-offs
  • Develop Stormwater Management SWM Requirements
  • Assess water and sewer adequacies
  • Assess on-site environmental conditions for flood plains and wetlands.
  • Evaluate tree protection/afforestation
  • Evaluate the potential for rock being present and increased excavation costs.
  • Evaluate requirements for offsite road improvements.

 Civil Engineering Phase

  • Stormwater management concept plan
  • Site development plan
  • Earthwork quantities
  • On-site storm drainage, paving and entrance plan.
  • Stormwater management plan
  • On-site water and sewer plan
  • Sediment control plan
  • Forest stand delineation and tree conservation plan
  • Landscape plans
  • Permitting for storm drainage, entrance, stormwater management, and sediment control
  • Bidding services
  • Construction phase services
  • Post-construction phase services including preparation of record documents
  • Boundary and Topographic Survey