Towson Fire Station

When Baltimore County decided to replace the aging Towson fire station, they turned to AMT to provide engineering consulting services. The new station is built at the prominent and busy intersection of Towsontown Boulevard and Bosley Avenue in downtown Towson. It will serve as a landmark for visitors entering the downtown area from the south and west directions.

Project Details:

This five-bay station features state of the art training and response technologies as well as drive-through bays which eliminates the need for vehicles to be backed into the station upon return. The open space surrounding the station has been planted to balance out the urban landscape and an 8,800 square foot green roof was installed to meet green building sustainability goals.

AMT provided feasibility and planning studies, traffic studies, site grading and layout, utility design and relocation, storm drain design, stormwater management and erosion and sediment control. The project also required coordination in the permitting process between such agencies and stakeholders as Baltimore County Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability, Department of Public Works, and Soil Conservation District; Baltimore Gas & Electric, and the Maryland Department of the Environment.