Witter Field

Witter Field is a new park near Telegraph Road in Alexandria, Virginia, featuring two soccer fields and a baseball diamond. AMT designed the field and performed a traffic study, lighting and signal design to support the new field.

Project Details:

This project entailed a traffic study in support of a re-zoning application, as well as the modification of the existing master plan for Duke Street.  Once the traffic study was approved, AMT led the efforts for the roadway design, lighting, and signal design for the new proposed signal on Duke Street.

AMT analyzed the impacts of two new recreational fields and a baseball diamond to existing traffic near the Telegraph Road and Interstate 495 Interchange. Our traffic specialists developed corridor-wide simulation models to evaluate queues, levels of service and delays. We recommended signal timing and phasing changes and, based on the signal warrant study and analysis that we performed, introduced a new signal into the existing system on Duke Street. We also created the roadway and lighting design plans along Witter Fields and within the site itself as well as the pavement signage and marking plans.

Developing the signal modifications involved new pedestrian signal timings and clearance intervals suited for this particular area of Alexandria. We needed to take into account the safety of small children crossing Duke Street which is a very busy street with high-speed traffic throughout the day.  In addition, ancient gravesites were discovered at the existing site during the planning process and this finding was successfully integrated into the overall site design.  The construction of the project is now complete and in operation.