Naval Air Station Hangar 110

AMT provided surveying, civil engineering and landscape architecture services as part of a design-build team for the design and construction of repairs to Hanger 110 which serves the U.S. Navy’s test pilot training school at its Naval Air Station in Maryland.

Project Details:

The design-build project installed fire suppression systems in the hanger bays and on the site adjacent to the hanger, upgraded associated utilities, renovated the hanger roofs, bay doors, and the roadside lean-to administrative spaces. The project also installed and removed temporary modular buildings that housed the staff while the hangar spaces are renovated.

The site work included installing fire suppression supply and effluent return lines, designing   an above-grade water storage tank, an underground effluent storage tank, pump station, a duct bank for electrical service, ADA ramp, ATFP site access controls and security gates, airfield pavement replacement, and landscaping.  The site was designed in accordance with ATFP requirements and was subject to Maryland Department of the Environment storm water management and erosion and sediment control review and approval.  The project is designed to achieve a LEED-Silver certification.