Bike/Pedestrians & Multi-modal

Getting Out of the Car

As communities move from car-driven infrastructure toward more dense and walkable communities, the need for infrastructure that caters to the safety and convenience of those who power their own movement increases. Be it for recreation or daily transportation, AMT can design infrastructure to move you.

Designing for Pedals and Peds

Almost every non-interstate transportation project must consider pedestrians and bicyclists in the early phases of planning and design. Each project is unique and brings with it its own challenges including right of way limitations and capacity issues. AMT has a team of committed engineers, deeply experienced in the mid-Atlantic region, who understand pedestrian behavior and needs.

From designing pedestrian crossings to multi-use trails, from signaling to sharrows, we can help you design context sensitive solutions that take all types of non-motorized users into consideration. Our experience working with all levels of government gives us the understanding of Complete Streets policies which enable safe access for all users, and we are well-versed in the most current federal and AASHTO design standards and guidelines for federal ADA compliance.

In addition to designing for pedestrians and bicyclists within street and sidewalk networks, we also provide comprehensive surveying, planning, design and construction services for greenway trails and rails-to-trails projects.  Many of these projects have environmentally sensitive design requirements, and we work to minimize cultural, visual and environmental impacts. We also provide existing structure assessments and design for related features such as pedestrian bridges and culverts.