Creedmoor Cross City Trail

AMT is working with the City of Creedmoor to administer four project phases on the Cross City Trail—a multi-purpose trail that links Creedmoor’s downtown business district with schools, neighborhoods and shopping. We provided construction engineering and inspection on Phase 1. On Phases 2, 3 and 4, we performed planning and design, environmental, public involvement and, plan, specification and estimate approvals.

Project Details:

AMT worked on these phases simultaneously though they are three separate Transportation Improvement Program projects. Each phase involved planning and a public involvement process that worked with the Cross City Trail committee which was formed at the beginning of the project and reviewed the alternatives and plans at milestone points in the schedule. We provided visualization for two public meetings; they showed the public how this sidewalk and trail would fit into their existing surroundings.

During the planning stage, AMT developed a cost-benefit matrix that outlined costs for certain aspects of the project such as utility coordination and power line movement, length of pavement, number of stormwater devices, and the need for retaining walls.

Utility coordination was a major project component, particularly gas, water and sewer. AMT met with the gas company on three occasions to develop a program for new gas lines to interact with the project. Recently installed water and sewer lines had prevented drainage from being located in standard areas, so AMT developed a unique combination of drainage devices and techniques including flumes and offset drainage boxes.

The project provides an important part of the Creedmoor Greenway and Pedestrian Plan to provide a safer walking environment.