Highways & Bridges

Roadways Done Right

There are a number of challenges that agencies face in constructing and maintaining our roadways and bridges. Funding remains an issue even in the face of infrastructure that is desperately in need of attention. Creativity is going to be a new benchmark in getting needed work accomplished through traditional or alternate delivery. AMT can help get it done.

The Expertise to Get the Job Done

From planning to design to construction phase services, AMT’s team of licensed, professional engineers, engineers in training and professional traffic operation engineers offer exceptional design and construction support solutions. Our team of licensed surveyors offers a full range of surveying services and our state-certified construction managers and inspectors can handle all aspects of management and administration. We further offer bridge coating inspections and rehabilitation. These teams offer exceptional service from transportation planning and feasibility studies all the way through design, construction and beyond. Our project teams consistently receive the highest ratings from our clients. In fact, one of our projects received the highest rating our client had ever given!

From two-lane roads to interstate highways and from traffic circles and bike paths to bus-rapid transit or bridge rehabilitation, AMT’s decades of experience in all types and phases of roadway and bridge improvement and reconstruction ensure that our clients receive the best product whether it is design-build construction documents or complete street solutions.

One of the skills that we value most in our engineers is their ability to listen to our clients and stakeholders’ needs and to respond to those needs in the design and project management. Many of our transportation engineers have been with AMT for more than 20 years. That kind of longevity brings with it not only more experience that can be shared with our younger team members, and better problem solving, but also the confidence that when our engineers begin a project, they will be there to finish it.