Norris Bridge Painting

AMT is inspecting the paint on the two-mile long Norris Bridge. As the bridge is a common, yet unsafe, nesting site for endangered peregrine falcons, AMT also helps staff from VDOT along with the College of William and Mary to relocate baby birds to a safer location.

Project Details:

The Norris Bridge carries traffic on Route 3 in Virginia across the Rappahannock River. The Virginia Department of Transportation called upon AMT to inspect the paint on the two-mile long, 90-foot high bridge. This required using barges, and cranes to reach the extreme areas of the structure for inspection. During the inspection process, our engineers discovered stress cracks under the paint system that cannot be seen on safety inspections and advised the client on solutions to the issue.

Bridge structures like the Norris Bridge serve as attractive habitat for endangered peregrine falcons, mimicking the bluffs they seek for nesting. Chicks hatched beneath the bridge risk falling into the river as they learn to fly, so AMT’s inspectors work with staff from VDOT and the College of William and Mary to relocate the birds to a safer location. We are further involved in working with the media, Coast Guard, area residents and other stakeholders.

Tasks included:

  • Paint inspection – all phases
  • Traffic control inspection
  • Support to overlay and steel repair projects
  • Peregrine falcon retrieval
  • Public, media, and stakeholder relations