U.S. 74 Shelby Bypass

AMT is providing construction engineering and inspection services for NCDOT on three phases of the US-74 bypass projects in Shelby, North Carolina.

Project Details:

The first phase of the project is 2.3-miles and includes grading, soil stabilization, paving, drainage, signals, and structures, including three bridges, a double barrel 8 x 8 foot box culvert extension, and mechanically stabilized earth, or MSE, wall. The official contract completion date for this project is September 15, 2016, but it may be complete as early as July. The project is anticipated to come in under the total contract amount of $26,116,111 which includes supplemental agreements.

The second and third phases of the US-74 Shelby Bypass together are 5.05 miles long, starting east of SR-1318 (Kimbrell Road) and ending east of NC-226. Services for these phases include grading, -Y- Line paving, drainage, and structures including 10 bridges, a double barrel 10 x 10 foot reinforced concrete box culvert, and two MSE walls. This phase of the project is expected to be complete by August 1, 2017. The total contract amount for this phase, including supplemental agreements is $33,517,962.