Over, Under And In The Water

AMT’s surveying, engineering and construction inspection capabilities extend from the land into and around bodies of water. Be it on a lake, river or ocean, moving goods and people in and around the water for industry or recreation, AMT has team members you can count on for your marine related needs.

Structurally Sound when Wet

From hydrographic surveys that determine sediment build-up and plans for dredging, to designs for dock and port-related construction, and shoreline stabilizations as well as under water inspections, our professionals and technicians know the ins and outs of coastal marine construction work.  We design boat ramps, docks, mooring dolphins, buoys and other structures needed to dock and load boats of all sizes.

For bridge construction and inspection, our Team is experienced with under water inspection of defective concrete as well as concrete coring of drilled shafts in large lakes and marine estuaries.  We understand the procedures and environmental controls needed to comply with Army Corps of Engineers requirements.

We further perform hydrographic and bathymetric surveys, and shoreline stabilizations including living shorelines, working with NOAA and agencies involved in coastal protection and erosion control.