Rail & Transit

Bringing People And Mobility Together

Working on our railways encompasses more than just laying track. From surveying track alignments to bridge inspection and coordinated rail crossing studies, AMT can provide the skills that will complete your project delivery team on all of your railway-related efforts. We don’t limit ourselves to track alignments: we also work on rail yards and improvements to new or existing stations.

TOD—Working for the Future

Tracks are very similar to working on a road. We do a lot of the same things, such as surveying, drainage and grading, environmental permitting and layouts. But AMT also addresses the unique aspects of these projects including railway station platform improvements, tunneling and railways structures, and the coordination of public agency and client requirements for rail crossings.  We further offer safety plans. AMT has a full-time safety engineer on staff who can ensure that all safety precautions are being implemented properly.

In the bigger picture, our society is transforming from standalone destinations for each of the functions of our lives to a more integrated way of living.  Understanding this, AMT is working to help design solutions that integrate home, office, commerce and entertainment where modes of transit exist or are being created. Essentially, our multi-modal, transit oriented development services are designed to bring people and mobility together. From site development for infrastructure surrounding public transportation to marrying rail and airport facilities, our teams of engineers, surveyors, environmental professionals and utility experts can ensure that your project runs smoothly through all phases.