Another Way we Help your Projects Move Forward

What our Water Resources Team does for water, our Environmental Resources Team does on land. We work as an integral part of larger development initiatives to ensure the environmental integrity of the site is maintained once development has begun.

We Protect and Preserve

Most projects require delineation of a site’s environmental features before a road or development project is begun. To help with project planning and design, services such as studies, delineations and conservation planning become critical to a project’s success. Whether you need services such as studies and analyses, tree surveying, wetland and forest delineations, conservation and preservation, or environmental design and green infrastructure, AMT has experts on hand who can help you succeed.

We help our clients determine project feasibility, permitting and regulatory requirements, inventories, delineation and wildlife protection needs. We utilize our multidisciplinary expertise to creatively solve any challenge that our projects present to provide maximum value for both our government and private-sector clients. We fully understand the permitting process and the requirements of the many jurisdiction in which we work. This helps us to expedite the process for our clients to get projects started on time. From the studies to pre-construction, we handle what our clients need.

Our Team features landscape architects, natural resources experts, and ISA Certified Arborists.