Water Resources

Solving Water Quality and Flooding Issues

AMT’s Water Resources Team deals with not only keeping water clean, but helping to keep it where you want it. From work with TMDLs to earthen dams, we’ve got it under control.

Here’s How We Do It

AMT offers a full array of water resource management from our award-winning NPDES compliance to watershed assessments to stream restoration, we have all of the skills necessary to ensure that your project is permitted in a timely manner, that you are up to date with local standards and regulations, and that you are putting your best environmental foot forward.

We have experts who can help with a vast array of hydrological surveys, analyses, environmental site design and, low impact development solutions to reduce flooding and ensure a cleaner environment. Our water resource specialists can help you to understand the best and most cost effective means by which to reach your water quality goals.

For more detail, please visit our Water Resources Management page.