MD 5 12-Inch Water Main

AMT’s ability to work through permitting approvals has been helpful in this water main extension project.  Totaling more than a mile in length, AMT provided engineering and surveying in addition to the environmental permitting.

Project Details:

AMT provided engineering, surveying, and environmental services for this Charles County 16” diameter water main along MD 5.  The project consists of water system extension along a route of approximately 5,600 linear feet.  The main is a part of the Charles County water system and provides water to a portion of the County along MD 5 east of Waldorf, Maryland. The design effort included location of services for existing residents and future connection, air release valve, hydrant and valve spacing.  Initially, it was thought that a significant wetland and stream would need to constructed with trenchless methods.  However, after working with MDE and the US Army Corps of Engineers, permission to make this crossing with a much less expensive open cut method was given.  Specific services provided include:

  • Concept design report (alternate alignments were studied and a final alignment selected from information provided from the County’s GIS information and field walks).
  • Topographic surveys along alignment
  • Wetland delineations (230 feet of alignment is within a wetland buffer)
  • Soils investigations (15 borings)
  • Permits which include:
    • Sediment and erosion control plans and specifications for entire length (SCD)
    • Work in Waterways (404 Joint Permit Application)
    • SHA permit for work in roadways and trenchless crossings
  • Water Easement description and plat preparation along entire length
  • Construction plans
  • Specifications preparation
  • Cost estimate
  • Trenchless Technologies (five Jack & Bore crossings of SHA highways and highway entrances totaling  over 400 feet)
  • SHA and utility company coordination