Relocation & Rehabilitation

Water That Works For You

More and more recently, news programs have reported on the need for improving our water and wastewater infrastructure. Old mains break often causing floods and service interruptions, and outdated combined sewer systems become overwhelmed during storms causing flooding and contaminating our waterways. Moreover, as roadways and other infrastructure are constructed or expanded, moving existing water service may be required.

We Can Fix It, Or We Can Get It Out Of Your Way

New technologies are evolving in the water and wastewater industry. AMT has extensive experience with water and sewer relocations and pipeline rehabilitation techniques.  We are experienced in trenchless technologies and the use of horizontal directional drilling.

We routinely work under term contracts and understand the unique demands within those contracts, including emergency situations. We have directed more than 15 on-call contracts in the past five years with contract values surpassing $60 million. Furthermore, our team has been involved with design of more than 22 relocation/replacement transmission main designs for WSSC and other regional water utilities.

We have performed studies to assess whether extensions are needed and to assess whether existing infrastructure provides sufficient pressure in the event of a fire during high-volume use. Studies like these demonstrate our clients’ trust in our expertise. Additionally, our team leader’s career spans more than 40 years of related work. He leads a team of professionals dedicated to making clients’ relocations and rehabilitation projects efficiently successful.