WSSC Water and Sewer Rehabilitation Basic Ordering Agreements

This project with WSSC consists of two agreements with multiple tasks in each one.  The tasks involve reconstructing water mains and water service connections to homes, as well as accessories including meter and pressure-reducing valve vaults.

Project Details:

Short segments of sewer reconstruction are undertaken when needed in an assigned task area.  These projects are part of a program to renew and extend the useful life of water mains. Selected replacement is necessary to supply water in sufficient quantity, quality, and pressure for domestic use and fire fighting. The six-year, $600 million program is part of a 30-year infrastructure plan.

AMT’s tasks involve replacing approximately 20 miles of water mains and 2,000 household connections, as well as ten large meter vault replacements.   There are three methods of line replacement associated with this program: same trench replacement, offset replacement and relocation design.

The tasks have included varying degrees of coordination of replacement with other utilities, road authorities and community outreach. Approximately 16 percent of this length is relocation design which also required soils investigations, surveying and right-of-way preparation.

At AMT, we understand the procedures associated with and the key issues critical to the success of such projects, particularly regarding tight design time frames to meet the construction season as well as careful sequencing of construction to minimize service outages.

As this type of work is time sensitive, we have streamlined and expedited the boring permit process so that the project schedule is not impacted. Maintenance of Traffic plans are closely coordinated with the approving agency to prevent delays.

AMT’s services included:

  • Letter Report (Alignment Recommendations)
  • Portfolio of Existing Conditions
  • Reference “As Built” Contract Drawings
  • Plan Sheet Replacement & Offset
  • Plan & Profile Relocations
  • Meter Vault Replacements (Inside & Outside)
  • Indexed Response to WSSC Comments
  • Permitting with MD SHA  & Local Road Authorities
  • Preparation of Contract Specifications & Cost Estimates
  • WSSC Bill of Materials (internal stock supply)
  • Subsurface utility marking
  • Test holes of existing utilities
  • Geotechnical Soils and Pavement Investigations
  • Connections to existing utilities and appurtenance details
  • Special structural and thrust restraint designs not shown in the standard details
  • Tabulation of existing water house connection (WHC) information by address including sizes, lengths, and notes
  • Coordination and sequencing to minimize disruption of service
  • Abandonment of existing mains if relocation design is being used
  • Fire hydrant replacement table
  • Tables of existing mains to be replacement including lengths and replacement method
  • Restoration schedules, including trench details for pavement restoration
  • Traffic control plan as required
  • Casing and jacking and/or boring operations as required
  • Special provisions and contract document preparation for bidding purposes.
  • Community Outreach
  • Bidding and Construction Phase services