Turning Plans Into Reality

In the past fifteen years, AMT has become particularly well known for our ability to successfully administer, manage and inspect a wide variety of construction projects. Now a service area leader with countless successful projects–including many delivered ahead of schedule and under budget–our staff is comprised of expert certified construction management professionals and state and locally certified inspectors.

We're Ready to Make Sure It's Done Right

We are prepared to provide services on any phase of project activity including pre-construction activities such as site investigations, pre-construction meetings, initial schedule reviews and establishment of project information filing and tracking system, construction management and inspection during construction,  and post-construction activities such as final inspections, development of as-built plans, invoicing, and project close outs.

Construction Management & Inspection Services:

  • Construction Project Management

    We are widely recognized as a leader in the field of construction management, inspection and materials testing and have proudly participated in some of the most complex projects throughout the…
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  • Construction Inspection

    AMT has a reputation for providing to our clients the best client service available in  our service area. We pride ourselves on training and safety in construction engineering and inspection…
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  • Coatings

    While our inspectors are highly skilled at coatings work, they also understand that in working on these projects, they become visible project representatives. As such, they work with each project’s…
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  • Project Controls

    We understand the careful balance between the project budget, project schedule and quality of the finished product. As the size and complexity of a project increases, more participants means more…
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  • Safety Training

    AMT is dedicated to protecting the health and safety not only of our own staff members, but that of our clients and teaming partners. We have dedicated safety professionals on…
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