Construction Inspection

Our Reputation Says It All

AMT has a reputation for providing to our clients the best client service available in  our service area. We pride ourselves on training and safety in construction engineering and inspection with an unmatched commitment to quality, both in staff and the level of service we offer.

A Thorough Inspection from Start to Finish

Our construction inspectors and engineering technicians boast certification in more than 150 categories in five states, always ensuring that our certifications are kept current. In addition, we employ professional and technical trainers to deliver OSHA and Work Zone Safety training programs throughout the industry. We hold our dedication to the safety of our employees, our clients and contractor employees to be without equal.

For our clients, we are able to provide fully-certified and knowledgeable inspection staff on a full time or part time basis as need for the project at hand. Our inspectors are prepared to provide inspection of construction elements such as roadways, pavement, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, pad sites, earthworks, stormwater management measures, water and sewer installations, storm drainage structures, bridges and culverts, retaining walls, signals, guardrails, and more.

No matter how large or small the construction effort—whether a sidewalk, a utility relocation or a highway—these inspectors ensure all work is completed to the contract document’s specifications and plans.  They prepare daily reports of contractor activities using inspection log books that meet or exceed client requirements.  They take dated digital photographs of work progress and produce photo albums to be given to the client at the conclusion of the project. On-site quality control ensures in compliance with specifications.  Inspectors maintain project records and other documentation, coordinate contractor activities with the approved schedule of operations, and measure and verify contract item quantities.

With a rapidly growing team of construction managers and inspectors and our commitment to proper, comprehensive training, we can certainly help with any related project.