Project Controls

Good Controls Lead to Exceptional Projects

We understand the careful balance between the project budget, project schedule and quality of the finished product. As the size and complexity of a project increases, more participants means more sharing of critical information.  For each project, we determine the right tools for communication, scheduling, reviews and project tracking.

Our Formula for Quality

Cost – Awareness of construction cost is an integral part of our design process. Using a variety of estimating tools, we have an excellent track record of estimating projects close to the construction bid. These tools include previous bid tabulations, price indexes, Means Cost Estimating Manuals and the experience of our senior engineers and Certified Construction Managers.

Schedule – While our project or construction manager is ultimately responsible for schedule development, the process is a team effort. Involving the team members in early discussions ensures buy-in to the project and timeline. Initial conversations become a weekly staff meeting to monitor progress and assess and adjust staffing as appropriate.

Quality – AMT adheres to three main quality objectives:

  • Constructability: When we are the design engineer, create plans that are clear and concise without extraneous information.  When we’re providing construction management, we conduct constructability reviews prior to bidding to ensure the same level of accuracy and clarity in the plans.
  • Timeliness: AMT uses Critical Path Method and Microsoft Project for tracking progress and identifying and correcting the project schedule.  This allows the manager to identify when processes or milestones are in jeopardy and resources can be allocated to get the process back on schedule.
  • Coordination:  AMT prepares base plans for use on all plan sheets to ensure quality control between discipline plan sheets. The survey is the first and most important step in developing construction documents and the level structure ensures that each discipline has a well coordinated base plan. The design engineer ensures that critical items are included in the survey which means plan sheets are easily developed into useable and quality-based construction documents.

Using these objectives as a guide and maintaining consistent, open communication, AMT has had tremendous success with time, cost and quality goals.