Safety Training

Effective Safety is Good Business

AMT is dedicated to protecting the health and safety not only of our own staff members, but that of our clients and teaming partners. We have dedicated safety professionals on staff with more than 70 years of combined experience. We take all necessary precautions with our work and safety is an ingrained part of our culture. All staff members are trained in safety procedures.

Expert Management Results in Millions of Man Hours of Safe Work

After five years and twenty million man hours without a work zone fatality on the Virginia Megaprojects, “how do we do it?” is often asked by our clients. In a word, it’s teamwork—everyone working together to recognize and promptly report hazards or unsafe acts to someone in authority who can make necessary adjustments/ improvements. Our Safety Team spends countless hours training and motivating our participants leaving them ready to take action when a safety hazard presents itself.

Our focus is on “What works?” Generating a solid commitment to safe work at the top is where it begins and this takes complete enrollment into the safety plan.  Secondly, the creation of strict lines of accountability throughout middle management is critical so that this commitment is translated to everyone in the field with zero tolerance and no exceptions. Once the comprehensive safety plan is in place, our next step is to be sure that safety concepts are understood and here’s where providing the best training available comes in. In addition to certified OSHA 500 Outreach staff members who offer both OSHA 10-Hour and 30-hour training courses, we also follow up with timely field safety audits to be sure our training is firmly in place and working well where it counts.

Mandatory topics include an Introduction to OSHA and the four OSHA Focused topics: fall protection, struck-by, caught-between and electrical safety. Elective topics are also included. Clients may have specific needs as with Virginia Megaprojects, so we added extensive training on work zone safety.

Finally, prompt action must follow knowledge. Stressing the importance of recognizing these hazards, and consistently reporting both hazards and exposures is critical because it matters, because they care, and because teamwork evolves. Knowing someone has your back makes a huge difference in controlling loss.