Coastal Engineering

Where The Water Meets The Land

As sea levels rise and coastal erosion decimates beaches and coastal protections, the U.S. is paying particular attention to the quality and sustainability of its coast lines. Streams and rivers suffer scour and undercutting, and slopes become unstable.  AMT is here to help.

We Restore and Revitalize Critical Shoreline Components

Whether it’s the ocean or a river, AMT can help in the sensitive places where the water meets the land. We do everything from stream stabilizations and water quality improvements to several types of related surveying to living shorelines which restore habitat for coastal creatures.

We can do the designs, and inspections as well as coastal infrastructure such as seawalls, structural walls to stabilize slopes, boat ramps and the hardscapes involved in creating living shorelines.

We work to restore levees, headwaters and shorelines. We perform tidal and marine studies.

Our team of professionals is comprised of professional engineers, structural engineers, inspectors, underwater inspectors, water resource specialists, environmental specialists and landscape architects who are all passionate about the sensitive area where the water meets the land.

To learn more about how AMT can help, please contact Stu Robinson.