Highway Design

Designing For Speed

Highway designs need practical design solutions that emphasize quality and safety within a framework of cost effectiveness. They need to incorporate new innovations in intelligent systems while minimizing environmental impacts of both design and construction, as well as planning the phasing and maintenance of traffic.


AMT designers work in an atmosphere that encourages teamwork between disciplines to address diverse client challenges in-house. We offer imaginative solutions to help meet our clients’ goals and work collaboratively with our clients and team members to ensure that the best tailored solutions are used to meet the specific needs of each project’s location and purpose. We also emphasize community involvement to ensure that affected citizens understand the purpose of the improvements as well as making sure that those improvements meet their needs.

We have experience designing all types of roadways from major highway widening and interchanges to local roadway improvements such as adding turn lanes or incorporating pedestrian safety features. The Complete Streets services we offer are truly multidisciplinary and include services such as pavement rehab, bike and pedestrian trails, roundabouts, roadway geometrics, intersections and interchanges, and more. These projects, of course, include an array of traffic engineering, stormwater management, environmental and utility considerations as well as impacts to rights-of-way. Our designers specialize in strategic management and design from project inception to completion and consider all roadway users. We remain on the forefront of standards, regulations and practices.