Traffic Engineering

Making Traffic Flow Like Water

AMT’s front-line knowledge and understanding of local, state and regional roads and traffic patterns is the cornerstone of our traffic engineering services. With our extensive experience in both urban and rural areas and our diverse clientele, we have acquired expertise in the requirements and standards of more than 50 jurisdictions.

What Sets AMT Apart?

What sets us apart is our experience. AMT was the first firm to create transportation management plans in the state of Maryland and we do them in DC and Virginia as well. Our licensed professional engineers and certified professional traffic operations engineers perform services for both government and private clients in these jurisdictions and throughout the mid-Atlantic region.  To do so, we offer wide-ranging traffic services that encompass traffic counts, studies and engineering design. As a firm with specialists in many fields, we can take your project from planning right through to construction and finish with signage and pavement marking designs. Examples of our traffic engineering design service offering include:

  • Maintenance of Traffic – Using the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices as the standard, we prepare traffic control plans that include temporary traffic control barriers, drums, signing, and striping.  In addition to traditional MOT plans, AMT implements Transportation Management Plans for highway projects.  These plans are incorporated into the design process to facilitate safety for contractors, motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians throughout the work zone.
  • Traffic Signal Design – After taking proper inventory of existing signals and justifying the need for new or modified signals, our traffic engineers develop plans to show traffic signal supports, heads, controllers, detectors, wiring diagrams, and interconnect cables.
  • Traffic Calming Measures – Our philosophy is that traffic calming should include engineering, enforcement, and education.  In designing for traffic calming, our engineers may include mini-circles, roundabouts, curb extensions, chokers, island dividers, speed humps, chicanes, signing, and re-striping.
  • Geometric Design – AMT designs geometric improvements including radii improvements, turning lane installation, and analysis of lane widths, shoulder widths and guardrail locations.