Water Resource Management

Decades of Experience Makes Us Experts

AMT began working in water resources more than 30 years ago. We offer specialized expertise and experience in planning and designing innovative and environmentally-sensitive stormwater management and water quality solutions. Our expertise and commitment to success in this service area has led to award-winning projects for our clients and opportunities to create Low Impact Development standards for city-wide applications, some in major urban centers.

If it pertains to water resources, we do it

Water resource management seeks to fairly and properly allocate water to satisfy current and future demands. There are many means by which to study, evaluate and design with this goal in mind. We provide comprehensive services, continually working in the region’s watersheds on a variety of ecological projects.

Stormwater Management design includes new and retrofit facilities, from analyses and evaluations, studies and planning, restoration, stabilization, surveying, and construction phase services, to help meet MS4 and Total Maximum Daily Load goals. Some of our services include:

  • Environmental Site Design / Low Impact Development Practices – We utilize a wide variety of small-scale, non-structural practices and better site planning to the maximum extent practicable, to capture and treat runoff to mimic pre-development characteristics. These small-scale practices provide water quality treatment in developed areas.
  • Best Management Practices, Assessments, Stormwater Ponds and Pond Retrofits – We conduct assessments and develop designs to improve water quality and meet or exceed TMDL and MS-4 permit requirements or current standards.
  • Watershed Management Plans – We develop watershed management and implementation strategies to meet all specified watershed resource objectives. Watersheds plans summarize the physical landscape, land use, habitat, and water quality conditions of the watershed utilizing stream and upland assessments and GIS data. Based on project priorities, we make recommendations for improvement and monitoring required for measurable success.
  • Dam Breach Evaluations – We have the expertise and advanced modeling software to provide these evaluations that determine the dam hazard classification and breach limits of an inundation zone.

To address these and other related services, our team includes Certified Floodplain Managers, a fluvial geomorphologist, Rosgen-Certified (I-IV) stream specialists, professional engineers in several states, landscape architects, a certified arborist, environmental professionals and GIS specialists who work together to design solutions.