Environmental Analysis & Documentation

Evaluating The Environmental Story

AMT’s holistic approach to environmental analysis and documentation recognizes the importance of a site’s past, present and future story to provide a basis for site planning and design that promotes sustainability in our work.  What does this mean to you?

Telling the Whole Story

It means AMT’s professional staff will offer a comprehensive evaluation for each development site, applying our knowledge of the types of analysis and documentation that will inform your project.

It will include planners, engineers, landscape architects, and technical designers working together, to study the site and clearly describe the site under investigation.  This includes the flora, fauna, habitat, threatened and endangered species, cultural resources, historic resources, floodplains, wetlands, streams and major water bodies, groundwater sources, and other types of natural resources.   It also includes hazardous and manmade impacts that will affect the development plans going forward.  In each case, we will match identified constraints with the most feasible solutions, looking for a silver lining in each study or report that we prepare.

We have learned over the years, to listen to our clients needs, then provide expert-level environmental analysis and design, so that our conclusions and recommendations provide solutions instead of obstacles to future development.  Each site has a story to tell, and AMT is the best consultant to unlock that story as part of an integrated and highly successful development team for your project.