A More Efficient Delivery Method

Design-build project delivery is a project delivery method bin which one firm takes responsibility for both the design and construction of the project. It requires a strong and early commitment by all members of the project team to work together to achieve the best overall solution for the client. AMT is prepared to do just that.

A Firm Commitment to Design-Build

AMT has partnered with contractors for numerous projects using integrated project delivery methods.  Our design-build project delivery approach incorporates the key elements of successful design-build projects: collaboration, integrated service, communications, creativity, and responsiveness.  We further work with a modified design-build approach whereby the selected design team works to a predetermined percentage based on the owner’s contracting methodologies and then collaborates with the construction firm for the remainder of the project. We have done numerous projects using this method. We can work from concept to development, from development to construction or all the way through the process.

Based on our experience, we understand that design-build is different from traditional design-bid-build: budgets are set early in the process with resulting risk transfer; schedules are compressed; interdependent design, procurement and construction activities proceed concurrently; the contractor is on the design team and helps determine the cost and design parameters; and new information must be continuously integrated into the design and the process.