Context Sensitive Solutions

Giving Our Clients Total Solutions

There are many things to consider when designing any kind of project to combine the needs of the people with the spirit of the site. We consider all elements involved in a project starting with the site’s history, surrounding areas and all of the stakeholders and we look for ways to make a project more sustainable for future users while keeping it cost effective.

We Create Sensitive, Yet Constructible Designs

Context-sensitive design, or context sensitive solutions, are principals that improve pedestrian safety, the environment, connectivity within neighborhoods, and balance stakeholder needs. The results of a project based on CSS incorporate not only roadway improvements, but also accommodations for pedestrians and cyclists, landscaping and aesthetics, and integrated environmental designs. While we focus on designing for the whole picture, we also understand that a project must be constructible, without using excessive specialty construction or creating irreversible impacts to the project site.

AMT has designed numerous infrastructure projects to be consistent with the character of the area. Our context sensitive experience includes structures in historical areas where walls, piers, and abutments are fabricated with finishes that are consistent with the surroundings. We routinely provide designs that incorporate bus shelters, park benches, and enhanced lighting at intersections.

Many projects have included visualization tools for public meetings. The public is an important stakeholder on any project and must be respected and communicated with effectively.

The AMT team has used these concepts successfully on many projects, including Eisenhower Avenue in Alexandria where bump-outs prohibit the use of a parking lane as a traffic lane, and wide pedestrian walkways have been designed. We also designed new crosswalks with raised median refuges, enhanced lighting and landscaping, and traffic calming measures of lane narrowing and Seminole striping on the Hillsdale Drive project in Albemarle County.