Illustrating Exceptional Graphic Solutions

We offer the competencies of a Graphics Team well-trained and versed in designing who use the latest technical tools to create design solutions. Whether the need is for illustrative plans or renderings, public participation support materials, GIS-based mapping, three dimensional presentations, or signage, we have a professional to graphically support your project.

We are a Versatile Graphic Force

Technical material often benefits from appropriate use of graphical illustrations to clearly present concepts and large quantities of data.  Frequently, graphic creations are in fact part of the project deliverable. To address these needs, AMT’s in-house Graphics Team develops compelling graphics utilizing the latest software programs.

The highly-skilled Team produces sophisticated 3D modeling and graphic presentations using AutoCAD, Civil-3D, LandFX, Sketchup, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, ArcGIS and related graphics software. AMT owns and operates a full complement of high-performance computers, printers and plotters and licenses a wide variety of software, connected through an extensive network, specifically integrated for developing 3D modeling and performance of engineering design and drafting. These capabilities allow us to help our clients to visualize proposed designs and illustrations of mapped data.

All graphics required for brochures, displays, presentation material and documents can be created by AMT’s in-house Graphics Team as well.  We develop effective presentation materials for public meetings, informational mailers in advance of construction activities and interpretive panels to help the public understand a site’s features or its significance.