Site Assessment & Planning

Assessing Every Site Feasibility Factor

When AMT performs a site assessment, we look at the whole site to determine its feasibility for development. We measure the land, look for environmental conflicts, soil stability, cultural resource issues as well as site and traffic constraints that could affect the site’s appropriateness for development.

We Can Help You Evaluate and Choose the Right Site

We look for potential conflicts with utilities and drainage systems and other infrastructure. We can use the Superfund site assessment process to check for hazardous materials and evaluate accessibility options. Once we have all of the data, we can create alternative analyses and plans and budgets that take into consideration the site’s capacity, security and accessibility issues, grading and any potential conflicts.

When evaluating site criteria, our engineers assign a range of possible numeric values to each factor selected according to project needs and objectives. This process provides a rational, consistent, and sound basis for making land use decisions.

Site assessment is truly a multidisciplinary skill. It requires environmental specialists, engineers, traffic engineers, and possibly geotechnical, hazmat and cultural resource professionals.