Traffic Data Collection

We Keep You Out Of A Jam

A key to any roadway project is first knowing how much capacity is needed. AMT’s Traffic Data Collection Team gives you the information that will help you understand whether a stop sign will do or whether you need an additional traffic lane.

It Begins with a Deep Knowledge of the Region

AMT’s Traffic Data Collection Team members have the experience of more than 2,000 personally conducted transportation and parking counts; more than 3,000 tube placements; and more than 10,000 hours of supervised traffic count data collections. These tasks have been completed through both statewide on-call contracts and contracts with  smaller county or city clients.  This considerable work history in all aspects of manual turning movement counts, spot speed and travel time studies, mechanical counts, license plate surveys, and parking utilization surveys includes:

  • Mechanical volume counts
  • Mechanical vehicle type classification counts
  • Mechanical speed studies
  • Mechanical gap studies
  • Mechanical vehicle length classification studies
  • Traffic count analysis and processing
  • Manual turning movement counts (with or without pedestrian counts)
  • Manual vehicle classification counts
  • Manual lane occupancy counts
  • Manual vehicle occupancy counts
  • Manual queue length measurements
  • Manual travel time/speed and delay measurements
  • Manual transit ridership counts
  • Manual traffic control observance counts
  • Manual occupancy protection use counts
  • License plate surveys
  • Parking utilization surveys
  • Origin-destination surveys

Like the other teams at AMT, our Traffic Data Collection Team makes sure to understand the project needs and our clients’ expectations in order to deliver data that is helpful and actionable.