Transportation Planning

Avoiding Traffic Jams Before They Happen

Transportation planning is a discipline engaged in the future as well as the present. Our planners look at a proposed project and determine not only the present needs, but the future needs as well. They work “from soup to nuts and from cradle to grave” to consider the needs of everyone involved, from vehicular and pedestrian traffic to residential impacts and government budgets to come up with the most viable and sustainable solutions.

Planning for Transit Oriented Development

That consideration includes the larger community; its goals, objectives and vision. It is also consistent with transit oriented development, often shortened to TOD. The objective of TOD is to bring people closer to transportation facilities.

To do this, our planners rely on public involvement and support. We have trained facilitators on staff able to inform and engage the community and work toward consensus, even among conflicting priorities. We also have professional engineers, professional traffic operations engineers, and planners certified by the American Planning Association who are all experienced in working with teams and with professionals from a variety of other disciplines. They understand public sector needs and how to get our clients the best value for their transportation investments.