Topographic Surveys

Mapping Made Easy

A topographic map shows the location and elevation of manmade and natural features within the limits of the map. A topographic map of your favorite state park will accurately show the location of roads, hiking trails, streams and significant buildings or shelters; all while giving you a feel for the changes in elevation using contour lines.

When Elevation is Everything

Topographic maps can encompass an area of hundreds or even a thousand acres. Most of AMT’s topographic maps represent smaller tracts of land, sometimes just a few acres, yet they depict much more detail than the larger maps. Our maps not only show complete outlines of buildings, but they will show stoops and stairs, walkways, individual trees, the outlines of parking lots, etc. We will also locate features associated with utilities like light poles, manholes, drainage catch basins and cable junction boxes. And we determine the elevation of these points so that we can use software to generate contour lines. All this information is necessary for the engineer who will design the new construction or improvements contemplated with the site.

Many of our senior staff have been in the surveying field for 10, 15 and 20 years or more. While of course, always supervised by a licensed surveyor, many members of our technical staff have associate or bachelor’s degrees. Our staff also features a number of surveyors who are Certified Survey Technicians through the National Society of Professional Surveyors and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping. They are proficient with the latest software, such as CAD platforms, and experienced with the latest GPS equipment.