Support Those Who Support You

September 27, 2013

Whether it’s through serving our current contracts and clients or pushing to win new ones, it seems that members of the A/E/C community are continually operating at full capacity. But with as busy as we get, it’s good to stop and take time to engage with those professional organizations that support what we do. These organizations offer everything from creating learning and networking opportunities for us to lobbying lawmakers on our behalf.

While our industry relies on these associations, they rely on us as well—to join, to attend and to participate. An executive director cannot run an organization without membership dues, board members and volunteers to join and lead committees. The opportunities within the organizations are endless, from meeting potential clients and teaming partners and from them learning those tricks that they use to make their business lives easier to growing into positions with nationwide recognition. All of these benefits help with your business development—particularly if you’re managing a small or disadvantaged firm.

So take a moment today to connect with your professional association. The benefits will make you glad you did.

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