Surveying the Haunted

March 3, 2015

Surveying the Haunted

by Shaun Lewis

AMT was contracted to provide civil engineering and surveying services for the restoration of the Point Lookout Lighthouse. The AMT Project Survey Team created a specific deliverable for the project–a 3D Point Cloud of the Interior and Exterior of the Lighthouse Building.

While conducting research for the project, going through old pictures and records about the structure, I came to find that the lighthouse is rumored not only to be haunted, but Point Lookout is commonly referred to as “the most haunted lighthouse in America!”

The historic lighthouse began operation on September 20, 1830 and remained in service until January 11, 1966. During that time, and more specifically towards the end of the Civil War, the lighthouse is rumored to have held confederate soldiers against their will. According to local residents, these POWs still frequent the lighthouse to this day.

This Heritage Building Survey is an integral part of the Preservation and Restoration of the Point Lookout Lighthouse site. AMT used a Leica C-10 Laser Scanner to perform the scanning on the interior and exterior of the lighthouse building, buoy sheds, and the entire project site which totaled 76 setup stations. The final deliverable to the client consisted of two separate point clouds, one of the project site and the other of the historic lighthouse building only.

Critical staff for the laser scanning effort included Shaun Lewis and Ross Vallely. Kevin Lafferty assisted with the topographic survey. Thankfully or disappointingly, depending on how you look at it, we did not experience any paranormal activity.

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