BWI and Martin State Airports Civil Engineering and Surveying Services

Taxiway C Rehabilitation at BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport: This project involved the rehabilitation of Taxiway C for the upgrade of pavement, and shoulder widening. AMT provided stormwater (SWM) design and QC of erosion and sediment (E/S) control and drainage design. Design was in accordance with FAA, MAA and the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) requirements.

Runway 15L-33R Runway Safety Area (RSA) at BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport: As part of the Runway Safety Area (RSA) program, this project involved the relocation of service roads, localizers and sheds, upgrade of storm drain and swale systems, relocation of SWM outside the runway safety area and associated safety grading. AMT provided used non-rooftop disconnections and dry swales and infiltration, E/S control design, preparation of plans, specifications and estimates, permits from MDE, and future provision for “as-built” certifications.

Airfield Standards and Pavement Rehabilitation Project (ASRP) at BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport: The project involved the relocation and realignment of Taxiway U and U1 between RWY 4-22 and Taxiway B, the conversion of Runway 4-22 to new Taxiway P from 15R-33L to Taxiway S and the conversion of Taxiway E to a Vehicle Service Road (VSR). Each segment involves the demolition and construction of pavement and the mill and overlay of existing pavement. Grading of pervious areas and the relocations of NAVAIDS and localizer shelter areas were also performed to meet FAA safety requirements. AMT services included SWM design using ESD and structural practices, E/S control with sequencing closely mimicking airport sequence phasing, the preparation of related plans, details, sections, related notes, specifications, quantities/costs, and related reports and SWM and E/S permits from MDE.

Airfield Lighting Vault Relocation Study at BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport: AMT provided a stormwater management concept study for the relocation of the Airfield Lighting Vault. The project involved the relocation of the Airfield Lighting Vault in a grassed area adjacent between Taxiway F and E-28 Deicing Pad, proposed pavement at the old location of the Lighting Vault, open area across from Concourse C, two proposed taxiway cross overs, and two substation locations near the deicing pad at concourse A and near the treatment plant. The preliminary study was provided to determine the stormwater management requirements for the project and potential facilities to treat new/redeveloped impervious areas.

Taxiway F Stormwater Management and Drainage Study at Martin State Airport: A study was performed to better understand alternatives for water leaving the site due to the proposed Taxiway F extension and its implications with respect to the Comprehensive Stormwater Management Plan for Martin State Airport. Existing culverts and drainage systems were analyzed using the 10-year storm event.