Clean Water And Sanitary Facilities Are Critical
To Us All

Water and Wastewater Systems

We all depend on water. At AMT, our Water and Wastewater Team includes a dedicated staff of professional engineers, surveyors, natural resource experts, technicians and management professionals who plan and design systems and manage construction. Our pipelines experience ranges from 2 inches to 108 inches in diameter.  We work in collaboration with our Subsurface Utility Engineering, Survey and Environmental Teams and utilize the latest technologies to provide our clients with effective and efficient solutions to meet their goals.

Distribution and Collection

We design components and elements of existing and new systems for campuses, municipalities and utility clients. We replace, relocate or extend infrastructure and we have demonstrated a particular strength in the rehabilitation design of conveyance and collection systems. With several senior staff possessing nearly 40 years of experience each, we have the expertise to tackle extremely complicated systems and accommodate our clients’ needs.

Understanding clients’ needs and the capabilities of the existing systems we are connecting to and or extending, are perhaps the two most important keys to designing facilities that best serve our client and communities’ served.  We meet with our clients from the start of tasks to ensure our understanding of their needs.  We welcome our clients to participate in initial field investigations. Our Subsurface Utility Engineering group, survey teams and record research provide additional information regarding the existing systems.

Our experience has taught us that permitting can, at times, take longer than the design did, but we know not only how to account for the complications involved in the process, but how to expedite permitting to eliminate delays. What we will not do, is mislead a client about the time required to complete the permitting process.

Furthermore, we coordinate with other utilities and road authorities as necessary to minimize disruption to the project’s community. We develop detailed Maintenance of Traffic plans for complex work zone applications in order to assist contractors in providing a quality and safe MOT set-up.

Though the finished water and sewer pipeline usually end up underground and unseen, we take pride in designing well-functioning, long-lasting infrastructure that allows users to forget it’s there.

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