PlanGrid – Connecting the Office with the Field

May 25, 2018

PlanGrid – Connecting the Office with the Field

Are you spending too much time driving back to the trailer to review plans and send emails?  Or, are you waiting too long for responses to field questions?

Successful projects start with great communication, which is why AMT uses PlanGrid to access all the construction plans and documentation associated with our projects.

The app is helping us to access data and communicate in real-time. Team members can not only share plan, but revisions to the plans immediately with anyone on the project. Everything is available on all mobile devices at all times.

As soon as our inspection team notices a punch list item, they start the process of finding the correct construction drawing.  They drill down to the correct location, place a point, and start typing up their notes.  Finally, the complete package can be emailed off to the project team, in real time, for comment. All without leaving their location.

As a result, our inspectors are saving up to five (5) hours per week, per team member. We have also eliminated almost all project printing.

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