Remembering Trevor

October 9, 2013

Remembering Trevor

By Chad McMurray and Mary Stiff

After a tragic accident last week, AMT Inspector Trevor Blankenship was laid to rest yesterday. Listening to Trevor’s friends and relatives recount and recall stories of how Trevor had touched their lives was nothing short of amazing.  I can only repeat what most of them had said in saying how Trevor touched the lives of so many people in his work life.  In attending his memorial and funeral services, it was a testament to Trevor to see how many people’s lives he had touched.  So many people from his work, co-workers, clients, and contractors, have shown, by their presence, that Trevor had an impact in their lives as well.

Trevor was the type of person you want as an employee.  Dependable, reliable, ethical, trustworthy, friendly, willing to learn, willing to help out in any way.  His friends talked about how he was always late; but, he was able to overcome that in his work life.  Maybe his friends could have paid him and he would have showed up on-time.  He would go where ever and whenever he was needed.  He would not question or complain why he had to be the one to go.  He just went and did his job.

We hear almost every day about accidents, many involving loss of life or catastrophic injury. Oftentimes the focus of the stories is about the amount of time that traffic was snarled as a result, or the length of the backup on the freeway and how many lanes are getting by. But just for a moment, let’s remember that each of these fatalities is a person who is loved, who will be missed and who has great value.

This week marks Drive Safely to Work week. Let’s all be sure that while we are out on the roads, we are doing everything we can to be safe. Let’s fasten our seat belts, keep our attention on the road and please let’s slow down for work zones and emergency vehicles on the roadways. There are loved ones working there.

6 responses to “Remembering Trevor”

  1. Amy Wooddell says:

    Awsome Chad! Thanks for sharing. Trevor touched so many lives and will be greatly missed by us all!

  2. Jeannie says:

    Thank you Chad. Trevor was the kind of person you don’t get to meet very often, much less get to know. I have had the honor of knowing Trevor for about 16 years. I know him and his family from LCF church. Just to echo what has already been said, he will be greatly missed.

  3. Jylane Honaker says:

    Trevor loved his family, his church, his friends and you never had a doubt about his commitment to all of these. However, his love for Christ was how Trevor walked in such love and support for anyone that knew him. We know that Trevor is in heaven and there is such comfort and peace in that but for all those blessed to have known him our hearts are broken. Please think about the life and loved one you could take if you are texting, on the phone or speeding.

  4. Sandy Blankenship says:

    Thank you for posting this. Thank you AMT, VDOT, contractors, etc. for loving Trevor and encouraging us through this.

    • AMT Admin says:

      Sandy, this is my own personal opinion, but I’ve learned in life that folks who have that kind of love and encouragement, have it because they’ve earned it. Thank you for raising him so well. MJS

  5. Pete says:

    Amazing life that was lived to the fullest.

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