Mimicking the Natural Environment

AMT’s holistic approach to environmental design recognizes the importance of regional, as well as local factors that affect a project’s vision and outcomes. We focus on a site’s spatial temporal, fiscal and social requirements to incorporate elements to the design that promote sustainable communities. Our professionals study, preserve and restore our ecosystems to create harmony between the built and natural environments.

We Listen - Visually

We listen to our clients and help them determine project feasibility, permitting and regulatory requirements, delineation and wildlife protection needs. We utilize our multidisciplinary expertise to creatively solve any challenge that our projects present to provide maximum value for both our government and private-sector clients.

Environmental & Sustainable Services:

  • Natural Resources Inventories

    Natural Resource Inventories analyze a site’s environmental and cultural resources. When required, forest conservation plans expand upon the inventory to also include the site design and conservation measures. The observations…
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  • Ecological Restoration

    Ecological restoration works to return an ecosystem that has been degraded, damaged, transformed, or destroyed directly or indirectly by human activities to its historical growth path. AMT’s team of landscape…
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  • Environmental Permitting

    Is my project feasible? What are the environmental constraints and challenges?   Are there federal, state or local permitting requirements to include in the development plan? Does any of this…
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  • Watershed Assessment & Planning

    The goal of watershed assessment and planning is to improve our waterways by reducing sediment and nitrogen by incorporating global strategies for improving water quality. These improvements help our clients…
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  • Environmental Analysis & Documentation

    AMT’s holistic approach to environmental analysis and documentation recognizes the importance of a site’s past, present and future story to provide a basis for site planning and design that promotes…
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  • Sustainability

    Green infrastructure is a system of natural and man-made elements, spread out across the landscape that manages stormwater, provides wildlife habitat, and facilitates recreation.  It includes low impact development techniques…
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