Creative Delivery Requires Flexibility

As municipalities encounter new challenges in funding necessary infrastructure improvements, they have found inventive ways to overcome them through cost reduction measures. Municipal and state governments have begun using alternative means to construct and deliver their projects, from accelerated construction methods and materials recycling to design-build and public private partnerships.

There’s More than One Way to Contract a Project

AMT understands the fiduciary responsibilities of our clients and our experience shows all manner of innovative ideas that have shown great cost savings to their projects. We understand that exploring that spark of an idea can lead to serious cost savings. From projects using accelerated bridge construction to public private partnerships like the VDOT Megaprojects to the design-build Intercounty Connector in Maryland.

Alternative Project Delivery Services:

  • Design/Build

    Design-build project delivery is a project delivery method bin which one firm takes responsibility for both the design and construction of the project. It requires a strong and early commitment…
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  • Public Private Partnerships

    Another solution to budget shortfalls is the public private partnerships in which private entities take on some of the cost and risk involved in completing a project while sharing in…
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