Serving Projects From Conception
to Completion

AMT is a full-service firm that offers a vast array of services to our clients.  These services involve studying, planning, shaping and ensuring successful completion of construction projects. In this section of our website, we have organized descriptions of our service offerings generally in the order they occur through the construction process.

A Huge Selection

When we at AMT say that we are a multi-disciplinary firm, we are not referring to just a few services, but a broad spectrum of construction-related subspecialties that all function together to meet our clients’ needs. Our Survey Teams work in tandem with our Design and Landscape Architecture Teams and our Traffic Engineering Teams work with our Environmental Teams to ensure the best outcome on all of our projects.

What We Do Is  Who We Are

There are a few things in particular that AMT values that contribute to the success in the services that we offer. First, the company is committed to offering its employees the best in training and certification as well as ensuring that they maintain these certifications.

Second, we value the multi-disciplined characteristics of the company. We encourage our employees to try new things which often results in full services offerings for our clients. That is how our new offerings come about—not through buying other companies or divisions, or by forcing things upon people, but by following the passions of the people we employ. This works well for us.

Third, when we hire, we attract only the best talent from our industry—people who are experienced and passionate about what they do and what they have to offer to our clients.

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