AMT provides planning services that holistically consider regional, local and individual client concerns when developing projects.  Our staff incorporates community needs and regulatory requirements as part of the analysis and planning, as well as project elements such as transportation and circulation, environmental resources and context-sensitivity, cost effectiveness and innovative solutions, and more.

We Handle All Aspects of Project Planning

As an integral part of development projects, AMT provides specific expertise related to site utilities, stormwater management and drainage, roadways and traffic control, and environmental concerns.  These services are provided using a variety of public involvement techniques and forums as needed for developing consensus and advancement of the project.  AMT focuses on the development of recommendations based on coordination with federal, state and local resource agencies to ensure completion and acceptance of all required permits and approvals.

Planning Services:

  • Traffic Data Collection

    A key to any roadway project is first knowing how much capacity is needed. AMT’s Traffic Data Collection Team gives you the information that will help you understand whether a…
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  • Traffic Studies & Analysis

    Traffic studies and analyses are used to determine how much additional traffic will be generated from a new development or redevelopment project. They are also used to determine the extent…
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  • Transportation Planning

    Transportation planning is a discipline engaged in the future as well as the present. Our planners look at a proposed project and determine not only the present needs, but the…
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  • Regulatory Permitting

    The permitting process can be challenging. AMT’s project teams are experts at understanding what permits are needed for your project and moving through the permitting process efficiently. In fact, some…
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  • Site Assessment & Planning

    When AMT performs a site assessment, we look at the whole site to determine its feasibility for development. We measure the land, look for environmental conflicts, soil stability, cultural resource…
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  • Context Sensitive Solutions

    There are many things to consider when designing any kind of project to combine the needs of the people with the spirit of the site. We consider all elements involved…
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  • Recreational Planning & Design

    From recreational trails to open spaces, playgrounds and athletic fields, we create outdoor spaces that allow us to reconnect with the world around us, or simply focus on playing or…
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  • Graphics

    We offer the competencies of a Graphics Team well-trained and versed in designing who use the latest technical tools to create design solutions. Whether the need is for illustrative plans…
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