If It Can Be Measured, We Survey It

AMT’s professional surveyors, field crews and office technicians comprise one of the most formidable land surveying and mapping teams in the mid-Atlantic. Our Survey and Mapping Team have the experience to help our clients determine the appropriate services ranging from initial boundary and topographic surveys to construction staking, record documents and as-built surveys.

Our Technical Skillset

Our Team features Registered Property Line Surveyors and Professional Land Surveyors who are registered or licensed according to each state’s unique requirements. They generate survey drawings and digital terrain models in CAD, Civil 3D, MicroStation, InRoads and Geopak formats from data gathered by GPS and equipment to ensure the precision and accuracy which meets or exceeds industry standard requirements on even the most demanding projects.

Surveys / SUE / GIS Services:

  • Topographic Surveys

    A topographic map shows the location and elevation of manmade and natural features within the limits of the map. A topographic map of your favorite state park will accurately show…
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  • Boundary Surveys

    A boundary survey makes your property different from its neighbors. It adds value to the property by identifying where the property lines lie on the ground in relationship to adjacent…
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  • Construction Stakeout

    A construction stakeout survey involves driving wooden stakes in the ground to identify the location of designed improvements. New construction typically requires stake out for building foundations, columns, pavement, curbs…
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  • Subsurface Utility Engineering

    Subsurface Utility Engineering, or SUE, is a process that allows engineers, designers, and project owners to “look underground” and map the utility infrastructure without massive excavations. This reduces conflicts and…
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  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

    AMT’s Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) Team works closely with many AMT Teams and clients to synthesize the data they collect into usable and searchable forms. Regardless of what they need…
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  • Drone Capabilities

    AMT utilizes DJI Phantom 4 Pro drones to gather image data for project inspections, corridor mapping, engineering conceptual planning, topographic surveying and promotional imaging. Our drone effort is compliant to…
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