Boundary Surveys

What’s Mine is Where?

A boundary survey makes your property different from its neighbors. It adds value to the property by identifying where the property lines lie on the ground in relationship to adjacent buildings, fences, pavement and other elements of the property.

Drawing the Boundaries

A boundary survey is crucial to any planning or design of development or improvements since zoning laws such as building setbacks are usually related to how much land is involved and where the property lines are. No one wants to design or construct anything which might be on someone else’s property.

The most important equipment in performing a boundary survey often can be a shovel and a machete. A patient and diligent surveyor can sometimes find old property markers (stones, concrete monuments, pins, iron pipes, blazed trees) which have not been found or uncovered in years. An AMT surveyor once found a chiseled stone that was called for in a deed filed shortly after the Civil War.

AMT’s survey team can provide full boundary surveys including research on previous deeds and records where necessary. All surveys are supervised by a state-licensed surveyor. Members of the survey team (in the field and in the office) have two- or four-year college degrees. Some of the staff have been qualified as Certified Survey Technicians under a program administered by the National Society of Professional Surveyors and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping.

Again, it’s our experience. Our company has been performing boundary surveys in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia for more than 50 years. That knowledge and experience has been passed down over the years and sometimes we can find records within AMT from when we surveyed the same property many years ago.