Drone Capabilities

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) - Keeping an Eye on Our Projects

AMT utilizes DJI Phantom 4 Pro drones to gather image data for project inspections, corridor mapping, engineering conceptual planning, topographic surveying and promotional imaging. Our drone effort is compliant to all current rules and regulations. We currently have four (4) FAA UAS licensed pilots, and the UAS crafts are registered and marked per FAA regulations. We have also established a liability insurance policy to cover the use of this equipment commercially.

As an example of our work, AMT recently captured video imaging of several newly constructed roundabouts in the Central Virginia region. As we analyze the 20-minute duration videos, placed directly over the center of the roundabout, we observe the traffic patterns and identify conflicts that may be corrected by the engineering design of current and pending projects. Through observing the vehicles, the decisions made by the drivers can be analyzed as they choose entry, circle and then exit the roundabout feature. For other roadway projects, we have been able to observe aerial image data for analyzing and identifying traffic management challenges during peak usage at intersections, merging lanes and highway interchanges. We have also utilized still images from flights capturing existing site conditions and to develop rendered graphics showing potential future conditions.

Moving forward, we will continue to advance our use of small unmanned aerial systems to better assess potential projects and to communicate project understanding, concepts and expectations, construction status and successful completion.

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