Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

We Help Our Clients Make Sense Of Data

AMT’s Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) Team works closely with many AMT Teams and clients to synthesize the data they collect into usable and searchable forms. Regardless of what they need to track, our GIS Team can input and analyze data and design a database that allows our clients to visualize their geospatial information and use it to their best advantage.

Making Data Visual

To do this, our Team offers consulting, data collection services and analysis, data management, applications development, systems integration, infrastructure design and implementation, needs assessments, and training for enterprise GIS initiatives. We routinely utilizes ArcGIS, ArcINFO and ArcSDE with many ESRI add-ons. Our Team members’ extensive project experience allows them to knowledgably integrate GIS solutions with our other in house disciplines addressing transportation, environmental and facilities engineering as well as construction management.

Being well versed in data inventory, conversion and analysis, we are using these techniques to help not only our private clients, but state and local government agencies meet detailed informational needs.

To talk about making data more consumable, contact Pete Strawser.